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Shop our selection of luxury hand crafted bouquets now.

Nationwide shipping

We ship out fresh flower bouquets in specialized boxes to maintain maximum freshness nationwide!

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Here at Flowers By T

Welcome to Flowers by T! At our online boutique, we make gift giving feel really special. Tee,  has spent the time perfecting her hobby of creating the most beautiful bouquets, which are now available to you.


Thank you for supporting local boutique businesses like us! Unlike other sites, no costs are spared on each one of your purchases. Tee's bouquets are meticulously crafted with flowers hand chosen by Tee. These flowers are wrapped in the most exquisite papers and ribbons.

Prior to taking her local business online, Tee custom designed large shipping boxes that fixate the bouquet inside securely. Upon opening the box, your recipient can slide the bouquet out effortlessly with the handles inside. The flowers will sit upright on any flat surface, and includes a water reservoir already wrapped within the stem base. No work required on your recipient's end! Should you like to add more water, simply pour it down the middle of the bouquet.

Beauty and quality is guaranteed. Upon receiving your order, Tee spends over an hour on each bouquet and has it shipped out immediately to preserve freshness.

Should you have any questions, please reach out! You'll receive a personal response shortly. Thanks for checking us out!

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